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Paramount Consulting Group operates within the public and private sector, providing quality services to assist in the streamlining of processes, resources and growth programs.

Quality Assurance

PCG provides world class quality assurance programs that ensure a high level of quality in production during the development of products or services. This includes many detailed steps of planning, fulfilling and monitoring activities to confirm that a businesses quality requirements will be met. 

Training & Education

PCG Trainings help expand the skills and expertise of community health workers to support people with physical and behavioral health disorders. Through interactive activities and didactic lecture, participants will learn key elements of understanding behavioral health disorders in ways that are culturally responsive and that support recovery.

Accreditation Readiness

PCG provides tools, resources, training, technical assistance, and peer learning opportunities to local health departments to assist in their preparation for accreditation, performance, and quality improvement efforts.

Contract Compliance

The healthcare industry demands adherence to unique requirements. It is critical that your healthcare contract management partner understands these requirements. 

Download Our Capability Statement.

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