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PCG provides tools, resources, training, technical assistance, and peer learning opportunities to local health departments to assist in their preparation for accreditation, performance, and quality improvement efforts.

Preparing providers for 

accreditation .


The dilemma with most consumer is deciding the best service providers. Accreditation is a mark of excellence and is an important consideration in their decision making. They look for CARF® accreditation is the gold standard in choosing a service provider for treatment for behavioral health, substance abuse, medical rehabilitation, and other health and human services. A CARF accredited service provider is committed to quality, focusing on the unique needs of each person the provider serves, and monitor the results of services.


An Accreditation Consultant can assist with the following:

  • Training and Development

  • Policy Creation

  • Program Plan Creation

  • Experienced Standard Interpretation

  • Assistance with Development of Data Measurement and Management Tools

  • Optimizing Organizational Performance Improvement

  • External Provision of Feedback.

  • Corporate Compliance Management

Why do you need an Accreditation Consultant?

Understanding the CARF Standards: It greatly helps to understand why a
particular standard has come to be.  Virtually all CARF standards have been
created to protect your organization and ensure you are providing the best
possible services.  The standards are based on international best practices. The consultant will help you understand why a particular standard needs to be met. Not all CARF standards are equal. The consultant will assist you in identifying the most important standards and give you some ideas on how you can ensure you are meeting them. All consultants are knowledgeable of the standards and the history behind them, as well as being helpful in developing methods for meeting the standards.


How to meet the standards:

There are a lot of over 3,000 CARF standards. Yet, by taking a systematic methodical approach you can greatly simplify the task of meeting the standards. By putting into place certain operational systems, it will help your organization meet a number of the CARF standards.  This creates efficiency in both preparations of your survey, as well as on-going operations. With the assistance of a consultant, you likely will find that getting ready for a CARF survey need not be as complicated as you may think. 


Policies, Plans and Forms:

When you hire a consultant, you will have access to a variety of resources.  This includes examples of all the written requirements needed to become CARF accredited.  Your consultant will help tailor these resources for your organization so that they are useful and beneficial.  Sometimes seeing how a standard is being met provides a great deal of understanding of the requirement.  It will make it much easier to meet the standards.

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